Copyright and Creative Commons

Copyright is a form of instant legal protection which protects your work as soon as it is created. Copyright confers protections on your work so that others cannot use your work without your permission. However, not everyone needs, nor wants, these protections.

In the digital age it is very easy to run afoul of copyright – some people even claim that technology has escalated infringement. However, technology has also brought about new solutions that encourage sharing of digital information whilst still complying with copyright laws.

Creative Commons is an non-profit organisation that provides licensing structures which people can use to license their work. This organisation has released a number of copyright licenses (Creative Commons licenses) to the public free of charge. The idea behind Creative Commons is to facilitate the sharing of information by making works available for others to legally build upon and share.

By licensing your work you are giving people permission to use it. However, through Creative Commons you can place different restrictions on how your work can be used. While searching the Creative Commons I found that the following licenses and restrictions apply:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.15.08

As part of this weeks task I also explored the website Flickr ( This is a website used for image and video hosting. Flickr is mainly used to share photographs and videos. It is widely used by bloggers to find appropriate images for their blog posts. I found a number of interesting images, some of which I will be including in my lecture notes. This is one of the images found using Flickr, with the creator given credit for his work in the bottom left corner of the image:



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